Graphic design being what it is, can be difficult to price early on in the development stage. There are many things to consider, mainly, how long is the process to create the desired graphic going to take? For example if you want to invest $70.00 in a logo being made and your competition is investing $2000.00 you can assume that your competition is going to have the better looking logo. I will always try to give an accurate estimate but the time spent on a project can differ greatly depending on what you would like to invest.


An excellent way of letting people know that you exist, either by doing the leg work yourself or taking out an ad in a local paper, magazine or website. There are numerous ways to get the word out that you have a service you are offering, through advertising. Design is extremely important.

starting at  – $59.99*


A good logo is a key part of any successful business, top business’ will spend thousands if not millions in logo creation. You don’t need to spend that kind of money, but you often get what you pay for and it is a worthwhile investment in your company’s branding.

starting at  – $59.99*


Websites are an essential part of your business, they allow you to let the world know about your business, a good website is worth the investment. Many websites created today resemble sites that you would assume were created in the 90’s, you often get what you pay for, and if the price a company is offering “sounds to good to be true” it often is. A good website is worth the money invested.

starting at  – $499.99*

* Pricing is negotiable,  jobs vary in size & the time required to complete them *