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Some Things To Consider


Takeout Flyer
  • Dimensions – What size is the image you need?
  • Bleed & Cut Lines – These are the safety lines for printing. If you have a place in mind that you would like to use for printing this would be good info to have.
  • Colours – Anything specific in mind?
  • Images – Any images you want to use in your design from ‘online’ should be the largest size/resolution for optimal resolution in your overall design.


DQ Eastgate Hamilton
DQ Eastgate Hamilton
  • Fonts – colour, style
  • Layout – Sidebars, widgets
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter, etc..
  • Colours – Fonts, backgrounds
  • Passwords – If you need site updates, access to your site will be needed.
  • Hosting – Hosting is like renting a cheap apartment for your website, costs can vary and some are better than others. Godaddy.com has been good and they offer 24 hr tech support.
  • Domain Names -Check out GoDaddy.com for a domain name. Prices vary. You probably won’t find Nike.com for $2.00.


I made this book sometime ago, your cats may like you more if you read it to them.